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Handmade delicious dog biscuits - Made in Cornwall


Eat Play Bark make delicious, wholesome, vegan friendly dog biscuits made in Cornwall. Our dog biscuits don’t include any nasty preservatives, additives, salt, sugar or artificial ingredients. The dog biscuits are made from all natural ingredients suitable for humans so please feel free to have a taste yourself. I do regularly!


About us

Eat Play Bark is inspired by our three dogs and the desire to give them the best possible dog biscuits that will taste delicious and won’t upset their tummies. We believe our dogs deserve to eat proper food that’s full of nourishing ingredients so we carefully source our ingredients, focusing on yummy health-promoting qualities.

Our dog biscuits are slowly oven-cooked in small batches in Cornwall and our handmade approach ensures the biscuits are lovingly made and fresh as can be. These rewarding biscuits are the perfect way to keep pooches in tip-top condition.


Join us

We love social media so you’ll find us on all the best places (Facebook, twitter and instagram) so please follow the links to join us and share pictures of your dogs.