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I was so nervous

I was so nervous

This week has been a surreal, nerve racking, stomach churning week. I decided it was time to get a second (third, fourth and fifth) opinion on my biscuits.

I have a great list of interested parties from the website so everyone was offered tasters and they went out in the post on Monday but also i reached out to Looe locals to taste the latest batch. I had more Looe volunteers than biscuits so the first 12 volunteers received a batch of biscuits in return for some feedback.

Since i posted and delivered the biscuits i’ve been a nervous wreck. It’s felt like GCSE results day all over again. Sure i know that Ed, Wit and Nora gobble up these biscuits but that didn’t mean that every other dog would enjoy them.

Thankfully all the feedback has been positive so far and i’ve had some amazing comments like “they loved them and i don’t treat my dogs as they get upset stomachs” and “Lily loves them and they haven’t upset her normally sensitive tummy”.


I can’t tell you how amazing this is.  It’s given me a real boost and I’m very excited for the future of Eat Play Bark.


Thank you to everyone that is helping me by tasting samples, giving me feedback, saying you’d like to buy some and giving me encouragement, in what is a big personal challenge.



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