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Dogs are adaptable

Dogs are adaptable

One thing i’ve learnt this week is that dogs are highly adaptable. Last Thursday I came home to find our little Shih Tzu had lost an eye in a terrible accident.

I rushed her to Luxstowe vet and they operated on her immediately. The vet was absolutely amazing and I don’t think i can express how grateful i am, vets are true heroes. Little Witty came home on friday with her eye sealed and a large cone on her head, as you can imagine, she wasn’t impressed!

Witty hasn’t let the cone or lack of eye hold her back in any way. Within 24hrs she was jumping on and off the sofa, running up and down the stairs and playing with the other two. Seeing her bounce back and being so confident has helped me recover from the shock and heartache i had originally felt.

Of course Witty has been smothered in love since the accident and there’s no better way to show your love than with a yummy biscuit!! 🙂

Mr EPB (the hubby) stayed home with Witty all week so that i was able to attend a business training course with Outset Cornwall. I daren’t say I know exactly what i’m doing but it really helped and has given me some confidence and ideas to progress the business. So onwards and upwards!

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