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Handmade delicious dog biscuits - Made in Cornwall

Cornish dog biscuits now available in London

Cornish dog biscuits now available in London

Of course we are very proud to produce Cornish dog biscuits which is why we joined the Made in Cornwall scheme (read more about that here) but you can now buy our biscuits in London too.

This feels like a huge step for the business, after all it is just me and my kitchen, it’s amazing to think there are city folk buying our biscuits and treating their dogs.

As you may have noticed i’m trying to minimise all plastic in the business and so i’ve been cyber stalking a company called Hetu. They run an amazing refill shop in London and have such a passion for their produce and for reducing waste. I reached out to Laura at Hetu a few weeks ago, i wasn’t sure she was going to be interested but she replied immediately and said “we would love to stock your biscuits”!! What a relief!

Then it dawned on me that i needed to get 2kgs of dog biscuits to London and how was i going to make sure they didn’t get smashed up in the process? Thankfully my hubby works in London so he offered to be my biscuit mule (lol) and he would hand deliver the biscuits to Laura for me.

This has meant i’ve been able to bake our biscuits, not add any packaging, store them in glass jar, wrap it in paper and send it to London. What a wonderful result for everyone involved, no extra fuel was consumed and no waste was generated!

If you’re in London i would highly recommend a visit to Hetu and also to check out their social media accounts too.

Hopefully this is the first of many stockists outside Cornwall. It makes me so happy to think that one day there will be dogs up and down the country all enjoying Eat Play Bark biscuits.

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