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Handmade delicious dog biscuits - Made in Cornwall

About Us

Eat Play Bark Ltd is an exciting new business in Looe, South East Cornwall. I am the owner (mummy) of three totally gorgeous dogs and they are the main reason i’ve started this business.

Eddie is our Westie and we’ve had him since he was a pup so he has been totally spoiled his whole life! Ed is the main man and pickiest eater so gets the role of chief tester.

Witty our Shih Tzu came second and has been with us for three years, unfortunately Witty was used in a puppy farm for most of her life but thanks to Many Tears Rescue she now gets to live by the sea and enjoy homemade biscuits.

Nora our red Cocker Spaniel came last (but not least) and has been with us for nearly two years. Nora also came to us via Many Tears Rescue so has had some bad experiences but is now the greediest member of our gang and is thoroughly enjoying herself.

Inspired by our three dogs I make homemade healthy dog biscuits and I hope to be able to share them with you in the near future.

Sorry folks, the shop is now closed and we've stopped making dog biscuits Dismiss