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Handmade delicious dog biscuits - Made in Cornwall

Made in Cornwall

Made in Cornwall

We’re an accredited member of the Made in Cornwall scheme.

The scheme was setup by the Council to provide accreditation to Cornish businesses and thereby giving shoppers reassurance that the products are truly local.

What is it:

Cornwall is renowned for being a special place, rich in heritage and outstanding natural beauty.  It is home to a vibrant business community producing an extensive range of artistic and hand crafted items, speciality food and drink, through to highly specialist technical products, and has built a reputation for quality and excellence. The Made in Cornwall scheme showcases the best of Cornish-made products.

What is involved:

Before products are allowed to carry the Made in Cornwall logo they need to be assessed by Trading Standards to ensure that they are indeed being made in Cornwall and that the finished products comply with the relevant UK and EU regulations.

Sorry folks, the shop is now closed and we've stopped making dog biscuits Dismiss